The golden ticket to help you achieve an all-year-round sun-kissed tan is by choosing an online spray tan short course. When your life goal is about providing professional spray tan to other people, an online spray tan short course will help make it a reality.

The design of an online spray tan short course is to empower people like you with professional industry insights, techniques, and practices. The freedom of having the skill of providing the perfect glow to yourself and your clients at any time becomes possible by undergoing an online spray tan course.

Your journey to becoming an expert spray tanning artist starts when you commit to getting certified.


What is Spray Tan?


The safest way to acquire a sun-kissed tan throughout the year without exposure to harmful UV rays or tanning beds is spray tanning. The safe and effective way of acquiring a tan without harming the skin has made spray tanning the most popular option for many people.

TA natural-looking tan is achieved with the interaction of an active ingredient known as DHA or Dihydroxyacetone contained in the fine mist of the spraying machine. Working like a real suntan, the tan fades gradually after a few days.

Spray tanning has become the preferred method over other types of tanning procedures. This is because the desired tan shade is achieved evenly, easily, and free from streaks.

The wide range of tanning solution colours allows anyone to achieve the perfect tan suitable to their body tone and colour. Being spared from the harmful effects of UV rays while trying to get a tan is one of the top benefits provided by the spray tan.

The risk of acquiring skin cancer and premature ageing is further reduced when getting a tan does not mean staying under the sun for hours.

Perhaps the drawback of spray tanning is that it is temporary, requiring regular applications to maintain the tan. The messy application can also stain sheets and clothes. The best way to prevent this is to learn the proper method of spray tanning.


Benefits of an Online Spray Tan Short Course


Choosing to enrol in an online spray tan short course provides many benefits, including:


Learning within the comforts of home

Learning something new can be pretty intimidating. However, learning something new within the comforts of home allows you much-needed privacy. Being judged for making mistakes is often the thing that stops people from acquiring new skills.

The online spray tan short course allows you to learn from home is a good way to build up confidence.


Convenient and flexible learning

The ease of going online has made learning accessible for anyone. The online spray tan short course allows people to learn at their convenience and at the pace they want. While hands-on training is provided by brick-and-mortar beauty schools, the online spray tan course allows full-time working people the opportunity to learn during their free time.



Traditional classroom training and learning are good but expensive. An affordable learning alternative is provided by online learning. Choosing to learn spray tanning skills online saves you on additional expenses such as course materials and commuting costs.

Additionally, the easy payment plans or discounted rates often provided by online courses make them the most cost-effective way to learn spray tanning skills.


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