Three out of every four people will be troubled by back pain at some stage in their life. In most cases the cause is unknown despite many different theories.  Most people find that their pain diminishes with the passage of time. Many seek and find effective treatment for their pain. There remains, however, a large group of back pain sufferers who are left to live in daily agony with seemingly no relief available.

It was one of this latter group of back pain sufferers who was to change the course of my career. This man had suffered crippling back and neck pain for twenty years. Multiple treatments and three major operations had made no difference to his pain. He required daily narcotic pain relieving tablets and often needed to rely on a walking stick to get around. He told me that he wished to travel interstate to see Dr Skyrme Rees who used a procedure called Nesfield’s Treatment (medically called percutaneous neurotomy) to treat back pain. Despite the fact that I had never heard of this doctor, nor of the treatment, I advised my patient that I felt he would be wasting his money. Two weeks later, he returned to see me as a different man: NO PAIN, NO TABLETS, NO WALKING STICK AND PLAYING LAWN BOWLS. It appeared as though a miracle had been performed and certainly it was the most remarkable and dramatic improvement in any patient that I had seen in my fifteen years as a doctor.

My fascination was such that I flew to Sydney and was trained to perform Nesfield’s Treatment. Straight away I realised my patient was not the only person to find relief. This kind of ‘miracle’ happened daily in Dr Rees’ surgery.

It amazed me that a treatment which takes five minutes, performed in the doctor’s surgery and produces such dramatic pain relief was not better known and more widely used. Why had I not heard of percutaneous neurotomy? Why was it not taught in medical schools or hospitals? Why was it not offered to more people? My search for the answers to these, and many more questions had just begun.

Imagine my sense of satisfaction when the patients I treat can reduce their tablet intake from twenty per day to nothing because they have no pain.

It seemed incredible to me that this patient of mine who used to spend his day lying down in agony or hobbling around on two walking sticks, now works full time as a security guard.

I felt incredible joy when a patient who was suicidal because of his daily head and neck pain, received total pain relief from this treatment. He has since resumed work with appositive outlook on life.

Over the last five years, I have observed thousands of similar cases. Nesfield’s Treatment, a five minute procedure performed in my surgery, provides significant and lasting relief in the majority of cases.

My interest in this work has led me to publish articles in a number of different medical journals and to present this subject to medical conferences in Australia, USA and Europe.

Despite all this, the reaction of me medical colleagues is enormously varied. Some are supportive of my work, most are tight-lipped and sceptical while some are openly critical.

The purpose of this book is to present an extremely safe, effective and very simple method of treating many cases of back and neck pain. It is not a criticism of any of the currently practised methods of treatment, rather it is written for the large group of patients who have had no relief of their pain despite many different treatments.

The book is a statement of opinion supported by thousands of well documented case histories. I fully accept that my theories differ from current medical thinking. It is my firm conviction that our current medical model for back pain is inadequate and leaves many patients undiagnosed and poorly treated.

You DONT have to live with your pain, as you will discover in Say Goodbye to Back Pain.

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