One of the contributing factors in many cases of chronic back or neck pain is thought to be due to the slackness of the ligaments that support the spine. This could be caused by a specific injury or accident, heavy manual work, the passage of years, or other causes.

Prolotherapy involves injecting the stretched ligaments with a 15% glucose/local anaesthetic solution. Injections are performed on 6 occasions usually at weekly intervals.

There are many studies that show that prolotherapy is safe and effective. The mildly irritating solution is injected on the junction of the ligament or tendon and bone. This causes a mild inflammatory response, which stimulates healing. This results in a thicker, stronger and less sensitive ligament. This increases in strength allows normal joint function and decreases stress on other nearby and at times, even remote structures.

In one of these studies, Doctors, Dorman and Klein,  performed biopsies of posterior sacroiliac ligaments in three patients with chronic low back pain both before and after prolotherapy injections. They found that after six weekly injections combined with mobilization and stretching exercises, that there was an increase in the average ligament diameter measured by electron microscopy from 0.055 micrometers to 0.087 micrometers. Light microscopy showed an increase in the collagen producing fibroblasts. The ligament orientation was organised and linear, as in normal ligaments. In addition, the range of motion of the patients was significantly increased and their pain was significantly decreased as well, testifying to the clinical success of the treatment.

This results in a thicker, stronger, and less sensitive ligament. This increase in strength allows normal joint function and decreased stress on nearby structures. Studies show that 75 to over 90 percent of patients appropriately treated with prolotherapy get significant improvement or cure.

Quotes from patients:

“How do I really thank you for giving me back my life”.
“Six months after prolotherapy there is an improvement of 70%”.
“I have a new lease on life. I now compete in my chosen sport at an elite level. I have freedom and movement and no pain”.
“I firmly believe your treatment gave me back my life.”

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