Case 19 – Neck, lower back and leg pain in a 58 year old male

Mr Leo Steer
Kallaroo, WA

Leo was involved in a motor accident in 1958, following which he developed neck and back pain. Although the pain was constant, he continued to work. A subsequent motor accident in 1979 aggravated his condition considerably. Following those two accidents, his neck pain and headaches became excruciatingly severe and he was unable to work. His low back pain and leg pain were also very bad, but it was the neck pain and headaches which dominated his life. Conventional treatments made no difference and when he saw me in 1988 he seemed sincere in his suicidal intent if I did not lessen his pain.

The treatment was performed on a number of occasions in both his neck and low back. Since finishing the treatment his pain has gone.

Mr Steer comments:
I am elated to inform you that the previously highly painful condition has completely resolved and my mobility and function has been restored in full. My suicidal thoughts of four years ago have vanished as my pain is now a memory of yesteryear.
Case 20 – Neck, lower back and leg pain in a 35 year old male

Mr Graham Forlonge
Kingscliff, NSW

Prior to 1986 Graham was a member of the police force and an A grade Rugby League player. In the course of duty in 1986, he was involved in a high speed accident. There were no external signs of massive injuries, but he rapidly developed severe back, leg, neck and head pain. It was a long three years until I met him and he describes those years as the worst of his life.
He suffered intense headaches and neck pain. Pain and numbness shot down his arms and he lost a lot of power from his upper limbs. Back pain tortured him 24 hours per day with constant leg pains. He constantly ached in both groin and testicles, had severe shooting pains to his groin and a burning sensation in both thighs. He was unable to work, required one or two walking sticks to get about and was unable to stand for more than two hours at a time.

He had trouble controlling his bladder and was up 6-7 times per night to pass urine.
During those three years of ‘hell’ he had seen many doctors, specialists and therapists. Despite his severe disabilities, nothing abnormal showed up on the extensive investigations he underwent. One doctor had even implied that he might be malingering. All therapy had produced no change. At age 37 he was an unemployed, unemployable medical cripple.

After the first treatment, the burning pain in his hip resolved and his bladder control returned. After the second treatment, his leg pain lessened; after the third his back and groin pain resolved; after the fourth his headaches ceased; fifth treatment, his arm pain stopped; sixth, his neck pain ceased and with the seventh treatment his leg pains resolved. He threw away his walking stick, commenced jogging and began coaching Rugby. During the next four years virtually none of his previous pains troubled him. He is again heavily involved in sport (not competitively) and has been working full time as a security officer.

Mr Forlonge comments:
I can now do most non-contact sports (golf, jogging, gym, swimming and walking) and find I can do most things in moderation. I am employed full time by a security firm and, before this treatment, would not have believed all of this was possible.

Case 21 – Lumbar, thoracic, cervical pain in a male aged 35 years

Mr Ian Murdock
Kirra, QLD

This man suffered severe back and neck pain for five years. Part of this was thought to be due to injury while in the armed services and part due to a condition called ankylosing spondylitis. This latter condition is an inflammatory or rheumatic condition affecting the ligaments and bones of the vertebral column. Certainly his X-rays and blood tests confirmed that he did in fact have ankylosing spondylitis. But that was not causing all of his discomfort. He was taking large doses of analgesics each day to control his pain.
Following five treatments (two in his neck, two in the mid back and one lumbar), he only has a fraction of the pain he used to experience and takes only one tablet per day instead of his previous ten. He still has ankylosing spondylitis but virtually no pain.

Mr Murdock comments:
Since the treatment, I have found my lifestyle to have changed greatly. I have reduced all medications dramatically and find it much easier to move. My neck and shoulder movement was severely restricted but is now quite free. When told of this procedure, I was sceptical of any improvement but can certainly testify that it worked wonders for me.

Case 22 – Leg pain in a male aged 57 years

Mr Peter Dawe
Tugun, QLD

Mr Dawe had severe right-side leg and calf pain for two months. It was a lot worse when he walked or stood and there was some numbness in his leg. This situation sounded very much like a genuinely prolapsed disc but computed tomography (CAT) scan failed to confirm this. He was told he had a ‘pinched sciatic nerve’ even though the CAT scan was normal.
Following one treatment all his pain vanished, and he is now fully active in a busy newsagency.
(NOTE: it is my custom not to treat people who have had less than six months pain as most cases will spontaneously resolve within this time. I made an exception here because Mr Dawe was desperate to resume work and the speed of resolution – less than one week – left no doubt that it was the procedure that did this).

Mr Dawe comments:
The pain disappeared completely within a few days of the treatment. There has been no recurrence and I have since bought a newsagency and work long hours.

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