Case 3 – Lower back pain in a female aged 30 years
Mrs Leanne Edwick
Tweed Heads, NSW

Leanne had experienced low back pain for twelve years. She had presented for chiropractic treatment each time the back became bad. The treatment was performed only once and she had no episodes of pain over the following two years.

Mrs Edwick comments:
I am now seven months pregnant with my second child and have not had the back pains I had when carrying my first child. My life has improved overall now that I have no pain.

Case 4 – Lumbar and neck pain in a male aged 56 years
Mr Mervyn Christie
Palm Beach, QLD

Mr Christie had a fall 8-9 years before seeing me. During that time he suffered constant severe low back pain. The tablets prescribed had aggravated his stomach ulcer. Other treatments had given only temporary help. Over the previous six months, his neck had been continually painful and this produced severe head-aches. Various doctors and specialists had told him that his spine was degenerating and the ‘degenerative nerves were rubbing’, producing his pain.
Trigger points were easy to find and the procedure was done four times for his low back pain and twice for his neck pain.
Mervyn estimated that his overall pain was reduced by about 85 per cent. Thus, while he was not cured, his life is now tolerable. He seldom takes pain-killing medication.

Mr Christie comments:
Dramatic difference is to the cervical area after the treatment enabling myself to discontinue using neck brace. The pain in my right shoulder and right arm has resolved. My low back pain has reduced dramatically and my intake of pain relieving medications is only fraction what is used to be.

Case 5 – neck pain in a female aged 38 years
Mrs Meryl Fray
South Tweed Heads, NSW

Meryl had suffered severe neck pain and head-aches for 25 years. The pain was present every day and radiated to the back of her head, causing severe head-aches. She was given a number of possible diagnoses including ’arthritis’ and ‘tension head-aches’. Multiple treatments had made no difference.
The procedure was performed on one occasion only and she did not experience head or neck pain for the following four years.

Mrs Fray comments:
I have no neck pain and no headaches. I wish I had been told about this twenty years ago and saved suffering terribly for half my life. As far as I am concerned the treatment is bloody brilliant!!

Case 6 – thorax pain in a female aged 67 years
Mrs Catherine Jaworski
Maroochydore, QLD

For five years Catherine had been tormented by excruciating pain in her right shoulder blade area. The pain was present constantly and often radiated to her neck and arm. A multitude of treatments, many specialists’ opinions and admissions to a pain clinic had made no difference. She had been told that a bone was pressing on a nerve.
Following the procedure, all her pain was eliminated. She had a total of three treatments, and three years later had virtually no pain and took no tablets.

Mrs Jaworski comments:
The pain in my shoulder blade, which had tortured me for five years, has gone.

Case 7 – neck pain in a male 63 years
Mr Tony Allen
Lyons, ACT

Mr Allen had experienced neck pain for more than thirty years. The neck pain fluctuated in intensity but was particularly bad after long drives, or sitting at a typewriter. He believed he would have to live with his pain.

He had two trigger points at the base of his neck and was treated at these points. His neck pain subsided rapidly and over the next three years hardly bothered him at all.

Mr Allen comments:
I have had no further problem with that severe pain that I had endured for many years. There is still no sign whatsoever of recurrence of that pain for which I must add that I am eternally grateful to you.

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