Case 14 – Lower back pain in a male aged 53 years
Mr Malcolm Gillespie
Nerang, QLD

Malcolm’s back pain had fluctuated over twenty years but had become worse and had travelled into his left thigh and left knee. There was a numb sensation in his thigh. Other treatments had provided only temporary relief.

The treatment was performed on one occasion and during the following weeks his pain resolved. He had had virtually no pain eighteen months later.

Mr Gillespie comments:
I have been able to resume working without any recurrence of the pain. Surgery has not been necessary as your procedure healed previous problems.

Case 15 – Lower back pain in a male aged 69 years
Mr Douglas Clark
Beaumaris, VIC

This man’s lumbar pain had plagued him for twenty years. The severity of the pain fluctuated and was generally worse on the right side. The pain tended to be worse in the morning and improved during the day. Previous treatments were not effective and the arthritis tablets had aggravated a stomach ulcer. He was told his pain was due to osteoarthritis and disc collapse.
In the eighteen months following the treatment he had no pain.

Mr Clark comments:
The improvement is quite dramatic but difficult to measure. I can now do a range of simple things (like putting on my own socks) without pain.

Case 16 – Lower back pain in a male aged 50 years
Mr John Foley
Tugun, QLD

John experienced low back pain for fifteen years. This was thought to originate from his sporting pursuits in his youth as a tower diver during which time he had three accidents. His pain fluctuated but he was only pain free for one day out of three. In addition to his lower back pain, he had a cold sensation running down the front of his left thigh.

The treatment was performed on four occasions and led to the abolition of most of his pain. He had previously been advised that nothing would help him.

Mr Foley comments:
Apart from an intermittent sciatic pain, I now have no lower back pain at all. The procedure was most capably carried out and has my personal recommendation.

Case 18 – Back pain in a male aged 32 years
Mr Malcolm Marcus
Wagga Wagga, NSW

Aged 32, Malcolm is a building construction supervisor. He had, however, suffered severe lumbar pain for eight years. He invariably suffered severe lumbar pain after lifting heavy materials on the building sites he worked at. Lighter duties allowed him to work with minor discomfort. Manipulations gave temporary relief.

The procedure was performed on three occasions and in the following four years he had only mild discomfort. Heavy manual work does not produce the severe pain it used to.

Mr Marcus comments:
After receiving the procedure on my back, around 60 per cent of my pain had gone by the next morning. I have had two further treatments and have not been incapacitated by any back troubles since. Up until these procedures were affected, for a period of three years I was unable to work 3-4 days every two months because of back pain.

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