Case 8 – Back pain in a mail again 73 years
Mr Clifford Jones
Mornington, VIC

Mr Jones had experienced ten years of lumbar pain which had spread to his right hip and leg. He was told he had arthritis and that nothing could be done for his pain. Tablets made no difference.
The procedure was performed on one occasion only and led to the reduction of his pain. He was virtually pain free for the following three years.

Mr Jones comments:
This has made the world of difference. I now have no pain whatsoever.
Case 9 – Lower back pain in a male patient aged 55 years
Mr George Webber
Hollywell, QLD

Chronic lumbar pain had dogged George’s existence for most of his life. He had always done heavy manual work and was an ex-boxer. All conventional treatments had made no difference. His pain was across his low back and was present every day. It had been much worse over the last 5-10 years.
Within two days of a single treatment all his pain had gone. Minor recurrences of pain led to further treatments but he was largely pain free for the next four years.

Mr Webber comments:
Marked improvement, although not a cure. I had some pain recurrence when walking 70 km per week so have reduced that by half.

Case 10 – Lower back pain in a male aged 33 years
Mr Graeme Deeth
Currumbin, QLD

Mr Deeth is a veterinary surgeon who had low back pain for fifteen years. Although he could continue working with relatively mild discomfort, heavy physical exercise resulted in severe right-side low back pain. Previous treatments had resulted in only temporary improvement.
The treatment was performed only once and led to a dramatic reduction in his pain level, enabling him to elevate his standing as az martial arts expert. Heavy exercise does not produce the pain it did previously.

Mr Deeth comments:
Having had chronic pain for numerous years, relief was almost immediate and near complete. Despite strenuous exercise, no further serious pain has occurred.

Case 11 – Neck pain in female aged 59 years
Ms Delma Cook
Tweed Heads, NSW

Ms Cook had had severe right side neck pains for four years. Cortisone injections had produced temporary lessening of her pain. Other treatments had no effect. She was told that she had neuralgia and that nothing could be done about it except an operation that might not work.
Trigger points were easy to feel on the right side of her neck and the procedure was performed on two occasions. She was free from neck pain four years later.

Ms Cook comments:
A hundred per cent relief. I would have been in an asylum by now if I had not received pain relief.

Case 12 – lower back pain in a male aged 68 years
Mr Alan Manterfield
Burleigh Waters, QLD

Alan had suffered low back pain for four years. In the eighteen months prior to seeing me the pain had become much worse and had localised mainly to the right side. He was a keen golfer and found his pain far worse after a round of golf.
Treatment led to rapid resolution of all his pain. He was pain free four years later and playing golf without any discomfort.

Mr Manterfield comments:
I am no longer ‘killed’ by pain. I can bend easier and can work in the garden or on my car without pain. My golf has improved considerably since the pain and stiffness has gone.

Case 13 – Lower back pain in a female aged 32 years
Mrs Sharyn Ellis
Coolangatta, QLD

Sharyn’s back pain had been present for about ten years. The pain fluctuated considerably and had been generally worse over the last year. Her pain was aggravated by vacuuming, making beds and physical exercise. She also had some pain in her thigh. Previous treatments had produced no substantial improvement. Computed tomography (CAT) scan showed no surgical pathology; she had been told she had a ‘bad back’.
The treatment was performed once and most of her pain resolved. She is now more mobile, and twelve months later had no acute relapse.

Sharyn comments:
Before I had this treatment, I couldn’t do any housework – even making the bed was difficult. I had trouble lifting my daughter up for a cuddle. Driving my car was a nightmare and exercise was a dirty word. After Dr Stuckey treated my back, I can now do housework, make beds and even scrub the floors. I have no trouble driving and I can exercise without feeling pain. I can pick up my daughter without the anticipation of pain. My quality of life has improved 100 per cent.

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