Despite the prevalence of chronic back pain world wide, the subject is a poorly understood one and the cause is uncertain in most patients.

The following statements in the authors opinion are factual:

  1. There are many potential causes of back pain. These include the discs, nerve root pressure, “arthritis”, changes in facet joints, myofasical pain, ligament laxity, intra-abdominal causes and others.
  2. In a given patient, it is unlikely there is only one diagnosis that explains all their pain. Most people have more than one problem.
  3. X Rays are of little value in assessing back pain. Many people in severe pain have normal X Rays and many non pain sufferers have relatively bad X Rays. A well taken history is of more relevance in assessing the cause of back pain than X Rays, CAT scans or MRI scans. These investigations should merely confirm what we already suspected from our history taking.
  4. When CAT scans and MRI scans are performed on people who DO NOT have back pain, up to 40% have disc abnormalities (eg broad based disc bulges). Thus in back pain sufferers these abnormalities may have nothing to do with their pain.
  5. Most recent onset back pain will resolve with the passing of time and no therapy.
  6. Therapies should work. If a patient has a course of treatment (eg physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage) there should be an improvement within 4-6 treatments. If there is no response, then the treatment should be changed, as the diagnosis is probably wrong.
  7. If a given patient seeks 6 different opinions from 6 different practitioners he/she will probably be given 6 different diagnosis and 6 different therapies. Statistically the results of most therapies are poor. Frequently they are back where they started after their journey on the “medical merry-go-round”.

In this clinic, two specific therapies are used for two different types of back pain. Neuromyotomy (Nesfield’s Treatment) is used for muscular back pain whereas Prolotherapy is used for back pain thought to be caused by laxity of ligaments.

Patient Testimonials:

“I was in agony before I was treated by Dr Stuckey and completely dependent on others to even move from the floor or bed on which I had to be. After one treatment from Dr Stuckey I could feel a big improvement and after three treatments over a couple of weeks I was leading a normal life including driving the car, shopping and house-work, none of which I would attempt before.”

 Mrs Lahey, Burleigh Waters


 “I have a quality of life that I did not think I would ever have again.”

 Mrs Johnstone, Brisbane


 “The pain disappeared completely within a few days of the treatment. There has been no recurrence and I have since bought a newsagency and work long hours.”

 Mr Dawe, Tugun

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