Welcome To Eastbrooke Family Medical Clinic c

Our services available at Eastbrooke Family Medical Clinic include:

* Accident and emergency care
* Breast examinations
* Consultations
* Contraceptive advice
* Fitness assessment
* Geriatrics
* Health checks for everyone
* Home visits
* Immunisations
* Medico-legal reports
* Minor procedures
* Nutritional reports
* Overseas travel advice and immunisation
* Pap smears
* Paediatric
* Skin Cancer assessment and treatment
* Specialist referral
* Sports medicine
* Weight loss

Dr Stuckey specialises in:

Neck and Back Pain Treatment
Percutaneous Neuromyotomy
Trigger Point Needling
Mental Health

Get Effective back pain relief

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Those of you who have lived in chronic pain for a long time and are wondering whether your backache can be prevented or even better, be cured, you may consider Dr Richard Stuckey. Dr Stuckey has been treating chronic back and neck pain for 30 years. He provides simple, safe, and effective back pain treatment.

Dr Stuckey specialises in offering quick and permanent back pain relief to patients. At Eastbrooke Family Medical Clinic, two specific therapies are used for two different types of back pain. For muscular back pain treatment Neuromyotomy, also called Nesfield’s Treatment, is used. For back pain caused by laxity of ligaments, Prolotherapy is used. Both these treatments are safe procedures for treating severe back pain and chronic back pain and guarantee the best possible results to the patients.

If you are looking for effective back pain relief to improve the quality of your life and to make sure that your severe back pain does not resurface again, contact Dr Stuckey today.

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